Sama Sama, Santa Barbara

We really didn’t know what to expect in Santa Barbara. It was simply a mid-way point between San Diego and Monterey, our two bike shows on the West Coast. We were only there for a night, but scored a cheap renovated motel and a delicious Indonesian dinner at Sama Sama Kitchen.

Indonesian food inspired by local farms. We loved it.


Our little motel was perfect for a quick over-night in Santa Barbara. The Agave Inn is simple and fresh. The owner was so sweet and helpful.


We explored Santa Barbara quickly in the morning, and found some history opposite a coffee shop run by ex-pro cyclists – Handlebar. I’m sure the owners have spent a decent amount of time in Italy, because their croissants (or were they cornettos?) were really, really good.


This (old!) little town sitting beneath a mountain and beside the ocean has a few great coffee shops (we went to most of them) and a big retirement community. It feels safe, clean, and a little bit boring. There were nice waves rolling in off the coast, and not much else to keep us hanging around too long.




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