summer lakes

After we visited our factories in Taiwan we flew back into Munich. We had a layover in Amsterdam (which was SO flat!) and got on a flight only a few moments after the Malaysian airlines one departed. Apologies to our families who weren’t notified that we were in fact safe…We’re ok!

In Munich, we found our beautiful friend Benj at the central station. We bought expensive first class tickets home, and the train pulled away as we walked up to it. The office wouldn’t refund our tickets, but recommended we jump on the next train and argue our case there. The kind conductor had pity on us and we made it to sunny Telfes without paying any fines.

Soon enough were on the bikes riding around a lake. The lake was actually in Germany, an hour away from our place.


Ben looked fresh after our big hill climb.



The water was really chilly but so refreshing! It was fresh water which is a bit unusual to swim in. You realise how much the salt in the ocean keeps you afloat.


After riding all 24km of the lake, we rested our sore bums by walking around a quaint little town and finding some gnocchi for lunch. There was an awesome “Floh Markt” full of old, old farming gear, jewellery and traditional clothes that we sifted through and found some gems.

The little town had a traditional parade, complete with marching band and men in lederhosen, and some really ornate buildings. Not a bad way to get over the jetlag and 24 hours of travelling.




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