new friends, old friends

We’ve spent the last year in contact with a few Syrians (friends of friends) trying to help them get to a safe country (Australia didn’t pull through, much to our disappointment). Finally, with M settled in Austria we were able to meet face to face. We couldn’t have been more excited to meet him and hear about the last few months of his journey to permanent residency.

We met in Salzburg, wandered around the fortress and dome, and ate basil ice cream and soufflé together. M enjoyed our company enough to come back home with us for a few days and spoil us with some traditional Syrian food.


The view from the fortress is stunning. We wished we had more than a day to explore the whole area.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I really love the windows in these places.


The fortress is basically a little town inside these big walls, with chapels, living quarters, salt stores, theatres, and of course, torture chambers.


Just a snippet of the 360 degree views from the prince’s tower. It was a gorgeous day, and we had perfect weather while walking around the fortress. We went into the Mozart cafe for lunch and a massive thunderstorm rolled in, so we sat inside a bit longer and enjoyed the company of new and old friends.


I found this really strange, and I’d love if someone could explain. In this church, the Salzburg Dome, there was a little quiet prayer room underground. There were these candles lit against a white wall with these little metal figures or demons? Bats? Crabs? I have no idea the meaning, but they were strangely cool and kind of eerie.


M made us a beautiful dinner. It was rice + noodles (cooked differently to how we cook rice and noodles!) and a tomato based sauce. He made sausage type things with two kinds of meat which cooked in the hot tomato sauce and a chopped salad with croutons, lemon and oil.



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