Canada: climb

Rock climbing is actually my favourite thing. One day I’ll be a professional, and until then I’ll be a wimpy amateur who climbs rocks four times a year.

175A2901 175A2904He’s a pro. Got his chalk on.175A2940

Ben slipped, Candice got pulled up the wall. It was pretty epic. So Shane held onto Candice from then on. I was nervous for them, so I just sat behind my camera.175A2981I picked out the photos that show our muscles the best. See above.
175A2985I got my shoes at Arco in Italy, a little rock climbing town near Garda. This was my first chance to try them out, and even though I forgot how much I hate climbing shoes these made such a difference. You can have complete confidence in your foot hold when you’ve got good shoes – I’m pretty stocked with these new little babies.175A2960That’s one hot mama.175A2955And papa.175A2950And he’s mine. Mmmm.175A2993175A2998Shaka.


Ben does all our Lead climbing. He goes up first, hooks it all in, and then comes back down unhooking everything except the top rope. He’s pretty talented.175A3038175A3041175A3013175A3012Rock climbing isn’t his favourite thing yet, but he’s got a pretty sweet harness. 175A3001175A3044175A3066175A3058175A3075175A3098175A3112

I was really low on energy (we were late for lunch!) and shaky and didn’t think I’d make it, but I do have a wonderful husband who won’t let me come down the wall until I’ve made it to the top. He knows me better than I know me and makes sure I don’t leave anything unfinished. Frustrating, until I push through it and make it to the top. Every time.

175A3142So I was a bit sad to leave Canada after only having climbed once, but to make it all better I signed up for a trainer twice a week to help with my skills and teach me Lead. I’m pretty excited. Can’t wait to get my hands chalky again.


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